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Distressed Institutions of Higher Education Revolving Loan Program


The Distressed Institutions of Higher Education Revolving Loan Program (Program) was created by Act 2023-560 of the Alabama Legislature.  The Act defines Eligible Institution, mandates that the State Treasurer (Treasurer) shall administer the program and authorizes the Treasurer to establish terms and conditions for the operation of the Program for funding loans through the Loan Program Fund (Fund). 

All applicants will be required to submit information and documentation in support of the original application. The Treasurer will review all applications and perform a thorough investigation to determine each applicant’s qualifications and ability to repay.  During the evaluation process, the Treasurer may request additional information or documentation from the Institution.  No guarantee is made that proceeds for loans will be available or that any applicant will receive any loan proceeds from the Fund, and the Treasurer reserves the right to deny any or all applications.

Efforts to Influence the Process

The integrity of the application process is of primary importance and will not be compromised.  Any written or oral communications beyond the application submission made by applicants, or others on their behalf, whether paid or unpaid, to influence the application process, made directly or indirectly to the Treasurer or Treasury staff will be grounds for immediate denial of the loan application. 

Public Information

All applications and documentation received will be subject to the Alabama Open Records Act, §36-12-40, Code of Alabama and may be subject to public disclosure upon request.  The Open Records Act is remedial and should therefore be liberally construed in favor of the public.  The Alabama Trade Secrets Act is §8-27-1 through §8-27-6, Code of Alabama.  Applicants are cautioned to be familiar with these statutes.  The burden is on the one asserting the trade secret to show that the information sought to be protected meets the definition of a Trade Secret as defined in the Act. 

Any documentation submitted that contains confidential, trade secrets or proprietary commercial information must be conspicuously marked on the outside as containing confidential information, and each page upon which confidential information appears must be conspicuously marked as such.  Identification of the entire submission as confidential is not acceptable unless the Institution enumerates the specific grounds or applicable laws which support treatment of the entire material as protected from disclosure according to the foregoing statutes or other applicable Alabama law. 

The owner of the confidential information shall indemnify and hold the State of Alabama, the State Treasurer, and Treasury staff harmless from all costs or expenses, including but not limited to attorney fees and expenses related to litigation concerning disclosure of said information and documents.

ACT 2023-560 Establishing the Program

ACT2023-378 Authorizing Funding

Submission of Applications

A single hard paper copy as well as a single electronic (i.e. flash drive) copy of the completed application and all supporting documents should be submitted to:

Office of State Treasurer Young Boozer
Attn: Chad Wright
Alabama State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue, Suite S-100
Montgomery, Alabama 36104

It is the responsibility of the Institution to ensure that its application with all documentation is delivered and received at the address above. 

Questions and Inquiries

The point of contact for this Program is Chad Wright.  Any questions or inquiries should be directed to  or (334) 353-3627.  Any oral communication shall be considered unofficial and non-binding. 


(Fillable form is formatted to legal size paper)

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