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Board Information

Young Boozer, State Treasurer, Chair, Montgomery, AL
Wes Lambert, Mobile, AL
Bill Poole, Finance Director of Alabama, Montgomery, AL
Jim Purcell, Montgomery, AL

Danny Garrett, Trussville, AL
Jay Hare, Alexander City, AL
Jimmy Baker, Montgomery, AL
Annie Furrer, Guntersville, AL

Donnie Chesteen, Geneva, AL
David Bronner, Montgomery, AL
Paul Hankins, Montgomery, AL
Will Martin, Millbrook, AL
Ken Tucker, Livingston, AL
JC Love, Montgomery, AL
Thomas Dismukes, Montgomery, AL

PACT Board Materials

12.25 MB Download

Investment Policy and Guidelines

    PACT Bylaws

    68.15 KB Download

    PACT Bylaws

    Fiscal Year Actuarial Reports

    262.95 KB Download

    2012 Actuarial Report

    733.70 KB Download

    2011 Actuarial Report

    PACT Annual Reports

    Submitted in accordance with Act 2010-725

    285.69 KB Download

    2022 PACT Annual Report

    445.06 KB Download

    2021 PACT Annual Report

    454.25 KB Download

    2020 PACT Annual Report

    1.57 MB Download

    2019 PACT Annual Report

    1.57 MB Download

    2018 PACT Annual Report

    3.22 MB Download

    2017 PACT Annual Report

    6.41 MB Download

    2016 PACT Annual Report

    14.91 MB Download

    2015 PACT Annual Report

    22.43 MB Download

    2014 PACT Annual Report

    42.19 MB Download

    2013 PACT Annual Report

    Audit Reports

    1.36 MB Download

    2021 Audit Report

    2.02 MB Download

    2020 Audit Report

    1.87 MB Download

    2019 Audit Report

    1.82 MB Download

    2018 Audit Report

    2.18 MB Download

    2017 Audit Report

    2.06 MB Download

    2016 Audit Report

    2.14 MB Download

    2015 Audit Report

    2.25 MB Download

    2014 Audit Report

    2.27 MB Download

    2013 Audit Report

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