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October 20, 2023

Governor Ivey, Treasurer Boozer Commit to Increasing Alabama’s Investment in Israel Bond Holdings

MONTGOMERY – Governor Kay Ivey and State Treasurer Young Boozer on Friday announced the Alabama Treasurer’s Office plans to increase its investment in Israel bond holdings to support Israel.

“Alabama unapologetically and unequivocally stands with our friend and ally Israel. I am proud our state will increase our investment in Israeli bonds as they rightfully defend themselves and fight for their people,” said Governor Ivey. “The state of Alabama was the first state to recognize Israel as a nation, and we will always support them as one of our closest and strongest allies.”

The Israeli government will be issuing new bonds and Alabama has been placed in the forefront of the list of institutional buyers. As soon as these bonds are accessible, the State Treasurer’s Office is committed to increasing its holdings.

“We believe in Israel’s ability to weather storms and emerge stronger, just as it has in the past,” said Treasurer Boozer. “Investing in Israel Bonds is a testament to our longstanding belief in Israel’s resilience and the value it brings to the global economy.”

Despite any challenges or times of crisis, Israel has always demonstrated remarkable resilience and innovation. By investing in Israel bond holdings, Alabama aims to support Israel’s ongoing efforts, their economy and future growth, especially in this time of war.

The State Treasurer’s Office has been investing in Israel bonds since 2016.


Press Contact

Gina Maiola, Communications Director

Office of Governor Kay Ivey

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