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Open Records Request

Alabama law makes public records available to its citizens, subject to exceptions specified by law in Sections 36-12-40 and 41, Code of Alabama, 1975, as amended. Furthermore, Unclaimed Property information contained in a holder’s report to the Alabama Treasurer’s Office is not considered a public record in accordance with Section 35-12-94, Code of Alabama. This information is not subject to dissemination to anyone other than the State Treasurer except as expressly authorized by the Treasurer. Also, in accordance with the law, the Treasurer’s Office does not allow access to exempted information.

Upon receiving a completed Open Records Request, the Treasurer’s Office will acknowledge receipt of the request and note any deficiencies, such as, but not limited to a) a vague, non-specific request b) an improperly completed form and c) records not maintained by the Office of State Treasurer.

Open Records Request
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