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SAFE Program (Security for Alabama Funds Enhancement)


SAFE WEB is an online system that allows qualified public depositories the ability to submit their monthly SAFE reports electronically.


What is the SAFE Program?

The Security for Alabama Funds Enhancement, or SAFE Program, in Title 41, Chapter 14A, Code of Alabama 1975, as amended, provides a uniform program for the security of public funds deposited with financial institutions in the State of Alabama that qualify to serve as depositories of public funds.

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What is the SAFE Program?

How does a bank or savings institution become a SAFE member?

To become a member in the SAFE Program, a bank or savings institution must be organized and existing under Alabama or any other state law, be in the business of making loans and accepting deposits in Alabama, and have FDIC coverage. To apply for membership, please click the link for a list of documents that must be completed by the applying institution and submitted as an application package to SAFE.

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SAFE Program Membership

SAFE Program Reports

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Approved SAFE Custodians

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Qualified Public Depositories (QPDs)

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SAFE Quarterly Data

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SAFE Quarterly Minutes 08-10-2023


    Application Forms

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    Board of Directors Resolution

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    Collateral Agreement

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    Contingent Liability Agreement

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    Custodian Authorized Representative Form

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    QPD Authorized Representative Form

      FHLB Letters of Credit 

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      Sample LOC

        General Information

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        Board of Directors

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        Covered Public Entity Definition

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        Eligible Collateral

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        SAFE Law

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        SAFE Rules - Effective March 6, 2017

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        SNL Financial Rating Information

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